flavors of philanthropy

program description

The Flavors of Philanthropy Program is an initiative aimed at supporting charitable organizations while promoting creativity and engagement with our brand. Through this program, individuals can nominate a charity, and if selected, the nominated charity will have a custom flavor created in their honor and will receive 100% of the flavors proceeds for the quarter. The selected charity will be featured prominently on our website and social media pages, gaining exposure to a wider audience.

program steps

Nomination: Individuals can nominate a charity they believe deserves recognition and support through the Flavors of Philanthropy Program. Nominations can be submitted through the website form.

Selection Process: Our team will review all nominations and select one charity to be featured as our charity of choice for the quarter. The selection will be based on various criteria, including the charity’s mission, impact, and alignment with our values.

Custom Flavor Creation: Once the charity is selected, we will collaborate with them to develop a unique and delicious custom flavor that represents their cause and mission.

Donation Percentage: The program will commit to donating 100% of the proceeds from the sales of the custom flavor to the selected charity for the duration of the quarter. This ensures that the maximum amount of support is directed towards the charity’s important work.

Promotion and Exposure: The selected charity will be prominently featured on our website and social media pages, where we will highlight their mission, impact, and the custom flavor created for them. This exposure will introduce the charity to our customer base and potentially new supporters.

Mutual Promotion: A significant aspect of the program’s success relies on the selected charity actively promoting the Flavors of Philanthropy Program to their constituent base. They can leverage their existing communication channels, such as newsletters, social media platforms, and events, to spread awareness about the program and encourage their supporters to engage.

By combining philanthropy, creativity, and mutual promotion, the Flavors of Philanthropy Program aims to make a positive impact on charitable organizations while fostering a sense of community and engagement.